Need Site Migration Tool Advice

I used WP SuperBackup to move a site to a new host not too long ago and it worked although i did have to play around with some links in the pages from the moron who originally did the site.

I’ve got a new site to move and Super BackUp isn’t working as well this time. Not sure if this site is more screwed up than the last one or what but I can’t get it despite trying multiple times.

Please recommend what you use to migrate/ clone a site to a new host or server. I’m willing to purchase a solid product if necessary.


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hey does it possible to a wordpress site to load in les than 2 seconds?

a website that exactly like udemy+affiliate marketing system.

I will give it to wordpress expert

but I need to know if its possible?

to understand if its only fake promise.

I need the wordpress site each page load in less than 2 seconds.

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Im getting hammered by some site in the Netherlands, help!

So I got an alert from Wordfence that someone from the Netherlands is trying to access my site (Hundreds of attacks in 10 minutes).

I've blocked the country AND IP from the site using Wordfence, but looking at the traffic log I can see them repeatedly keep coming.

I mean, it's blocking hundreds of these things every few minutes.

Anything more I can do? Can I call my host and get them to try and block the IP as well?

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Newbie Here – Been a While Since I Upgraded Site – Having Issues

Hi everyone! About 12 years, a gentleman graciously offered to build a site for my non-profit. He did not charge and did a wonderful job. However, I am no longer able to get into contact with him and I'm having trouble with my site. I can not create a post or blog and I can not edit any pages – it just keeps "thinking" and never directs anywhere (however the website pages are still viewable). I figured, maybe I needed to upgrade (I am at WordPress 2.8.3 (it's been a while since I updated my site!). When I choose "upgrade" from the dashboard, it takes me to the page where I can choose manual or automatic. If I choose automatic, it says, "Downloading update from" and it never does anything. If I choose manual, the zip file downloads but I'm unsure what to do from that point. I've googled how to update but I need an ELI5 or something because I"m unfamiliar with the language and I"m trying to figure this out on my own. Any help would be so appreciated!

Edit: /u/pixeldevs was amazing and helped with everything! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!! I promise I will be better at updating everything consistently and not 10 years later, lol!

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Where to build a site before transfer to client!?

I need to build a site for my client and I want to do it using my own siteground hosting account. He has a godaddy c panel account where his old web developer had installed/uploaded a wordpress site for him. He doesn’t like it, which is why I’m now going to build it for him, but how do I do this? I have an unlimited siteground hosting plan so I can easily build another WordPress site, but with what domain? A sub domain?

Then later we would need to transfer the site to his cpanel in godaddy… help!? 😩

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Caching programs slowing down site?

I am in the middle of trying out different caching plugins for my clients site, and I noticed that they all seem to slow down the site vs not having a plugin. Pingdom gives the site a 4 second load time when there are no caching plugins, 5 seconds with WP Fastest Cache, 7 seconds with W3 Total Cache, and a whopping 15 seconds with Autoptimize. Is there some sort of server related issue that is causing this, or is there some sort of configuration error? They are hosting the site on their own server.

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Site is experiencing technical difficulties overnight.

Hi all,

I have been developing a WordPress website for a couple of weeks (Plugins haven't changed in at least three or four days) I was working on the website fine last night however, as I've gone to work on the website today both the front end and admin end are showing "This site is experiencing technical difficulties". This appears to have happened overnight, my host is "Unlimited Web Hosting" who have been fantastic so far, could this be an issue with the host or can this just happen?

Removing all themes and plugins via cPanel hasn't made a difference either.. Any help is much appreciated!

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