Need some advice for an emergency on a production site

Hello wordpress community, I'm a teacher at a code academy and I have a student that is a pickle. We have taught him html, css, javascript, node, java, etc. he decided he wanted to go ahead and start trying to do some real work so he did a website for his uncle's tattoo parlor. He did a pretty good job. Then, a friend of his with a business asked him if he could update their website with some minor changes. This is a wordpress site and before I could advise him, he clicked on the install wordpress button in cpanel and installed wordpress over the top of an existing site. He quickly figured out he had done something wrong.

So, I'm his instructor. I'm good with java, .net, php and other such things (about 25 years experience), but I have never worked with wordpress. I have confirmed that backups were not setup, so there aren't any backups of the site or the mysql. Now, there is one caveat to this. when he told me he had a new job I told him he needed to backup everything with filezilla before he started and I think he did that, but I'm not sure he did it correctly. At this point, I'm trying to decide if this thing is salvageable or if we need to just rebuild something similar to what they had before using whatever he had backed up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I have a local site, staging site, and production site. How do I best use Git to keep all three in-sync?

Hi all. I have a production site, a staging site1, and a local development site. What is the best Git workflow to keep the files on all three sites in-sync?

Nearly all file edits will originate on my local development site, then get added to the staging site once they are ready for testing. Once the edits pass testing on the staging site, the same edits will need to be applied to the production site.

Can I simply

  • First, push edits from local site to staging site, via a GitHub repo (using git push and git pull).
  • Then, push edits from staging site to production site (not sure if I'd need a GitHub repo for that–I'd check on that).

Is this suitable? Or are there more advantageous/safer methods?

For now, ignore any database edits—I’ll keep those in-sync between the three separately.

1 In this case, production site and staging site are on the same server.

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