For users of LibreOffice Writer: How to stop Writer from putting “bloated” html code on WordPress? (Text is copied from Writer, then pasted on WordPress’ Visual editor.)


First, some preliminary details:

  • OS: Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon (1 month old. I’m a noob.)
  • LibreOffice version:
  • File format being used: ODT, DOCX

I always write on a word processor first (offline) before copy-pasting it on WordPress. Writing directly online doesn’t work for me.

I do all the formatting on the word processor (which are usually only bold, italic and paragraph spacing).

On WordPress, format-wise, I only put the heading tags. I always use the “Visual” editor.

I checked the “Text” editor after I noticed that the headings were not rendering their corresponding CSS (font-size, mostly).

Same thing happens whether the text I copy is from an ODT or DOCX. (I mostly use DOCX because I have another PC that runs Windows, which does not have LibreOffice installed.)

So… (just to be clear) here’s what happens: I copy all that I wrote on LO Writer, paste it on WordPress’ “Visual” editor, and then click the “Text” editor tab, where I see all these “bloated” html codes, particularly:

<p class="western"><span style="font-size: medium;"><span lang="en-US">Sample text here.</span></span></p>

This set of code is present in EACH paragraph.

Thank you.

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Looking for a plugin that allows me to create a front page with a message on it. From there & an ‘enter site’ button.

My site currently has a static front page. I’m now ‘shutting down’ the site. Leaving all content as is. However now want to create a new front page without changing anything on the site itself… hope this makes sense… hopefully there’s a plugin out there that allows me to create a new first page, put a logo & a message. Enter site button that leads to my site with the static from page. Any help is much appreciated.

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Need Help in uploading FTP file from Local to WordPress

I was using Godaddy's Basic managed WordPress (which expired yesterday) and I want to move the content of WordPress to new Linux hosting of GoDaddy.

I have taken the backup using Filezilla to local.

Can anyone suggest me the uploading process?

Thanks In advance

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Bulk Import Images from Subfolders


I am currently in the process of porting a Joomla Page into a new wordpress installation. Most of the stuff is simple copy and paste, but I got ~180 folders with images in it, where each folder should be a gallery of some kind, which will later be presented on the page. NGG would be good, unfortunately I cant import multiple folders into galleries at once.

Is there any plugin/workaround to NOT import all folders manually?

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How to best move switch from Shopify to redesigned WooCommerce site

I've been asked to help someone move from Shopify to WooCommerce. They don't want to migrate but instead want a complete redesign on the WordPress side. I'm just trying think of the best way to do that.
I need to work online because they're too far to demonstrate an offline site. So how do I work on the WordPress site on the domain while it still runs Shopify until ready to switch?

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Block off a widget from populating AdSense ads?


I've recently added AdSense to my site and for the most part, the ads have been populating in proper areas.

However, I have a section of the sidebar that's a sticky widget for recommended posts so it scrolls with the page as the user reads more of the article. Recently, an Adsense ad has started popping up in this stickied element and it messes up the formatting of the block and pushes the relevant articles off screen (example of what it looks like with the ad and what it's supposed to look like: )

Is there a way I can block ads from popping up in this element whether it's by adding a code snippet or some setting in Adsense? Would appreciate any help. Thank you!

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Transferring from to .org

Hello Guys, Today I purchased a 3-year plan from hostpapa for 36$ and want to transfer my wordpress com blog on wordpress org. Unfortunately, I am having a difficult time doing that. I have paid for a premium wp plan for 8€ a month until January 2020 so I have some time to transfer my blog but I want to do that as soon as possible to be able to have my blog posts with canonical urls and install plug ins for faster load times and seo. Can you give me some advise as to how to begin doing that?

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