What would you like to know about WordPress security?


I write about WordPress security and web security in general and I was wondering if there are some specific topics that you would like to know and haven't found info about. (Maybe some research that you would like to see.) or anything else Let me know I would gladly take the time and do the research.

I have written about:
– Recommended security headers for WordPress
– How should WP security be approached in general (about one-click malware removals, that it's not plug-and-play, how important are plugin/software updates, etc.)
– Password management (in general)
– Comprehensive malware removal
– How to improve WP security (security testing, backups, scanners, waf, etc.)
– Dangers of shared hosting for your website
– and much more.

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Free plug-in or theme for a single page slider

Hi, I'd like to have a full screen image slider with each slide having its own respective text and buttons/links. All the sliders I've found either don't allow full screen width or don't allow buttons/links to be added.

Something similar to this: https://carnegieendowment.org/

Any suggestions?

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I’ve tried to find ways for way too long and need help! How do I make portfolio items non-clickable?

I am creating a portfolio in WordPress, using the Central theme.

The portfolio appears as images on the page however, when I click on them, they direct me to an empty page. I would like these portfolio items to either appear as non-clickable photos or that they open in a lightbox.

How do I do that?! I've been spending too long on doing this now.

I'm hoping a kind soul are able to help out!

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How to modify a print button?

My client's posts has a button to allow the user print the post. Now I need to redirect that button a page (Template) I did that will process that layout in a different form.

I am already did the layout and it works as it should. Reading the post code I have such: <div style="float:right; display:block">[print-me target="#print-post"]</div>

Well, I have no idea how to make it because my target temple will ask for the Post Id. Any clue?

Thank you.

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Does anyone have recommendations for single-page sticky navigation menus?

I'd like to have a sticky navigation section on my blog similar to the IN THIS ARTICLE menu in the following link:


Does anyone have any suggestions for plugins to use?

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Seeing typos often on commercial theme websites

Hi! As part of my work I investigate a lot of commercial WordPress templates to judge whether or not we should use it in our next project. One thing I've noticed is that the websites for many templates often have really wonky typos and phrasing all over the place. Things like "Ultimate New and Precision Theme for serious consideration." Is there a particular reason for this? I'm sure it's just because the dev teams are not English-speakers/-writers, but I was wondering if there was a deeper SEO-related reason.

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