Feedback exchange: Optimizing wordpress aesthetic

After a decade+ in and out with wordpress, I still find that last mile impossible- I can never get my final site to look as good as I think it should. Often I know what I want, and sometimes I just know something is off. Apologies if this is too vague or if I should post somewhere else, but I am looking for folks who are interested in a "feedback exchange". I'd love to share a site and a general idea of what I am trying to do and hear back from you– get feedback on available plugins, quick CSS edits, or the most valuable of all– "you can't do that"… in exchange you could share your sites… I've got a background in UX, UI, and have my own high expectations, looking for others in the same boat.

I'm aware of the Rules here, and don't intend to break #10- this is meant to be much more than "a critique"- perhaps there is a group that does offer what I am looking for, or maybe there is a better way to say what I mean.

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